Bailey_alexandra (bailey_alex) wrote in cheer_for_life,

1. What is your name? Bailey K.
2. Are you a part of an All Star team or School Team, and what is the name of your cheer team? All Star Cheer Central All Stars Junior and Senior Teams
3. What are your cheer team colors? Purple, Black, White, & Gold
4. Does your team do stunts, and if they do what is the highest leveled stunt you can do, and what part of the stunt are you? (example- lib, full down and Im a secondary base) Juniors: extended scale full-down, secondary base  Seniors:  hmm either basket-toss double-down, base, or flutter-kick forward pop-over, base. Correct me if I'm wrong =)  
5. How old are you? 12
6. What is your favorite color? perriwinkle
7. What do you want to be when you grow up? actress
Thanks, please send 3-7 pictures of you

 last year's cheer picture day

that's all I can get for now cuz my camera's battery is dead :)


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